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Double Cleansing and Eczema Skincare

What Cleanser is Right for Your Eczema Skincare Routine

Cleansers are tricky. Although they do not stay on your skin for long, they tend to strip your skin of its natural oils and moisture while modifying your skin's pH balance.

One key recommendation for eczema prone skin is to double cleanse. Double cleansing breaks down makeup, dirt, sunscreen first with an emollient oil-based cleanser, and then followed by a gentle daily cleanser. Since eczema prone and dry skin tend to be more sensitive than regular skin, using a micellar water wipe as a cleanser is not recommended since it will clean and hydrate the skin but not moisturize, leaving some with eczema prone skin feeling dry afterwards.

For oil cleansers:

  • Teddy's Eczema Bar's 10 Oil Cleanser is a great mix of low oleic acid and high linoleic acid oils to help soothe rough and dry skin.
  • Cliniqueโ€™s Take The Day Off Balmย is a good, gentle, and clean balm cleanser, with safflower and sunflower oil. One caveat; it has ethylhexyl palmitate, which may be acne-triggering for some.
  • Avoid mineral oils.ย Whilst okay as a moisturizer, mineral oils tend to dehydrate when used as cleanser.


For daily cleansers:

  • Avoid foaming cleansers.ย Foaming cleansers usually contain sulfates which increase the bubbles produced while stripping the skin of needed moisture and hydration. Look for low foam or no foam cleaners that are have low pH.
  • Cetaphilย is a good, basic one. It has the right pH and itโ€™s not stripping. However, it hasย 
  • Teddy's Eczema Bar's 03 Naked Facial Cleanser is our recommendation. It has the right pH, itโ€™s not stripping, and it has only 8 ingredients - including glycerin, and is sulfate-free so lower chance or irritation.
  • CeraVe Cleanserย are also good- there are two types, the Hydrating and the normal (foaming) one. The hydrating version comes in a milk form. It also is sulfate free and has a great pH.
10 Oil Cleanser is the first step in a double cleanse eczema skin care routine.
03 Naked Facial Cleanser. The second step in double cleansing. A simple safe cleanser formulated for dry skin.

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