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11 Brown Sugar Scrub

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Feet eczema? We got you!

Who would have thought you can get eczema on your feet? Remember skin is the largest organ in your body. Where there is skin, there is a eczema. But don’t despair, our 11 Brown Sugar Scrub is here to help. 

Use it on your feet and soles to calm the itch. Use it all over your body as a gentle exfoliating cleanser to slouch off dead skin cells.

Rub this gentle brown sugar and oat scrub in, let it to sit a bit, then slowly wash off. It will leave your skin feeling buttery smooth and moisturized. Smells like marshmallows. Feels like butter. 

Ingredients: demerara brown sugar, colloidal oatmeal, coconut oil, mango butter soap base.  


 All of our products are made in small batches to ensure quality. Texture may vary slightly from batch to batch.