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Quick Cleanse ($37.98 value)
Quick Cleanse ($37.98 value)
Quick Cleanse ($37.98 value)

Quick Cleanse ($37.98 value)

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Who says cleansing your face has to take 10 easy steps 🤣. **

You have eczema prone skin.

Putting anything on it should be a privilege 🎁 to the brands you buy. Not a chore 👎🏾. We're looking at you ugly beige bottle in the medicine cabinet. 🧴😣

Our Quick Cleanse 💦🍊 allows you to still care for your skin without the fuss. Simply, put two to three 💦💦💦pumps of 10 Oil Cleanser on your finger tips and rub it on your face, or infected area in small circular motions. Use a cool water cloth to pat dry. Follow this with the two pumps 🍊🍊 (no more than three) of 18 Vitamin C Serum on the finger tips. Place the Vitamin C Serum on any dark spots, redness, hyperpigmentation or discoloration. 

After your Quick Cleanse, moisturize skin with our 21 Lemon Mango Butter 🍋🥭to lock in moisture and to keep the skin soft and supple. 


Set includes:

10 Oil Cleanser

18 Vitamin C Serum


To ensure quality, we make our products in small batches. Texture may vary slightly from batch to batch.


**Disclaimer: We do like a good Sunday self care multi step routine but the Quick Cleanse isn't that. It is as its name implies, quick, easy and you're out the door in minutes 😉

Quick Cleanse ($37.98 value)