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Flare up cleared up?😊

Now you want an everyday bar and butter to keep the flare up at bay?Β 


Have you ever wanted to jump into the shower 🚿 and just β€œget naked?” Well, now you can - with our 02 Naked Bar! This eczema soap is designed with one goal in mind: to provide maximum hydration for dry or eczema-prone skin. Even better? It's fragrance-free and dye-free, so you know you're getting only the best.

Our soap is made with organic cocoa butter🌰 and coconut oil πŸ₯₯which helps calm and nourish the skin while providing lasting moisture. Plus, it's lovingly handmade in small batches using only ethically sourced ingredients, so you can trust that we mean serious business when it comes to skincare! Don't forget to top off your routine with a bit of our 22 Naked Mango Butter πŸ₯­to lock in all that extra moisture.

Just lather up with our 02 Naked Bar, rinse off - and repeat! Finish with our 22 Naked Mango Butter.

Your skin will thank you for it.